Zone 2 & Zone 3 Cargo Terminal Yards

Zone 2 & Zone 3 Cargo Terminal Yards

Zone 2 & Zone 3 Cargo Terminal Yards

LocationAlexandria Maritime Port
OwnerAlexandria Port Authority
Cost40 000 000 LE
StatusFully executed & operated

Scope of Work

Road design, Structural design, electro-mechanical design, tender document & execution drawing preparation, and construction supervision

Project Description

The main aim of the project is to develop a new area of about 130 000 sq.m., located between commercial quays and the main spinal road in Alex. Port.

The area was planned to perform as a major location for cargo storage to acquire cargo containers and to have the potential for expanding as several cargo terminals.

The area was divided into two zones; each zone includes two terminals each of area 35000 sq.m. this included roads for truck traffic surrounding cargo areas.

Lighting design was achieved using high masts 20 m high design to provide suitable illumination covering all areas, where power supply was designed to carry out future expansion possibilities such as terminal offices and giant electrical cranes.

Flooring was designed to sustain stacked container according to Alexandria Port specification and international codes taking into consideration surface slopes required for rain water drainage where it was collected in an underground pipe network and discharged into the sea.

The design work included water supply network connections to serve container ships as well as a separate network for firefighting covering the whole area.