Planning & Re-development of Gate 54 For Truck

Planning & Re-development of Gate 54 For Truck

Planning & Re-development of Gate 54 For Truck

LocationAlexandria Maritime Port
OwnerAlexandria Port Authority
Cost70 000 000 LE

Scope of Work

Urban Planning, Road design, Structural design, electro-mechanical design, tender document & execution drawing preparation, and construction supervision

Project Description

The project aim is to re-plan the area of gate 54 at Alexandria port through utilizing wasted areas outside and inside port fences taking into consideration the relation between gate 54 and the existing coastal highway exit in order to provide main axis connection between Alexandria port and surrounding highways.

The project included the design of all infrastructure networks, roads and parking lots of area 60 000 sq.m. In addition to the construction of 2 office buildings for, administrative proposes and 2 buildings for security purposes of area 4000 sq.m. Two modern gates for entrance and exist was constructed each gate consists of 4 lanes for trucks and standard vehicles.

Layout works included construction of inner and outer port fences, entrance and exit gates to custom zone, truck parking areas and entrance, concrete flooring, road paving, plantation works, drainage and rainwater drainage networks, firefighting, lighting and information networks.