Cement Bulk Export Terminal

Cement Bulk Export Terminal

Cement Bulk Export Terminal

LocationAlexandria Maritime Port
OwnerSea bulk Co for Cement
Cost6 000 000 LE

Scope of Work

Architectural & Structural design, electro-mechanical design, tender document & execution drawing preparation, and construction supervision.

Project Description

The project was designed to fulfill the owner needs to use an existing rented building as a bulk cement store as part of his multi national cement trade system. The existing building structure condition was carefully studied against all expected loads and equipments used in that industry.

A reinforced concrete wall was designed around the inside of the building together with RC jackets surrounding inner columns. Flooring was reinforced and formed to accommodate the hopper configuration. Additional offices and power plant was located outside the building on the ground floor on building sides, while the main control room was set on top of the building in order to control loading from and to cars and container ships.

A complete material transport system was designed to move cement from the storage area to container ships passing the width of the quay without disturbing the routine traffic on the quay.