Cairo Regional Coach Station – Torgoman – Cairo

Cairo Regional Coach Station – Torgoman – Cairo

Cairo Regional Coach Station – Torgoman – Cairo

LocationTorgoman – Cairo
OwnerThe Egyptian Co. for Integrated projects – Cairo Torgoman Group
Cost240 million LE
StatusExecuted & fully operated

Scope of Work

Preparing the architectural design, landscape design, structural & execution drawings ,feasibility studies ,all architectural & structure design works ,electrical ,communications ,information technology networks ,monitoring and alert systems ,HVAC ,sanitary and utilities, construction supervision and project management.

Project Description

Underground central coach station linked to the Cairo underground subway. This mega project located at the heart of Cairo in the proximity of Ramsis railway station and Tahrir square is developed as a mega transport hub for cross country buses and commuters car park.
The land owned by Cairo Governorate was developed as 53000 m2 a B.O.T contract by El-Torgoman Group pent as holding to. For land maritime transport the 160000 m2 structure built mostly 8 meter under ground includes the following main sections:

The project consists of:

The Under Ground Levels of the project contains:

  1. Bus Station
    • The bus station is of an area of 16000 m2 that can accommodate up to 70 busses instantly (60 operating busses that serves more than 75000 passenger per day traveling from Cairo to all country cities in addition to some and travel lines to other Arab countries .
    • The bus station is provided by the following facilities:
      • Air conditioned waiting area
      • Digital Data screens displaying bus operation
      • Elevators & electric escalators for moving passengers and their luggage
      • Underground pedestrian tunnel connecting the bus station to the nearest subway station.
  2. Car Parking Areas
    • Along & on the side of the bus station with a capacity of 1580 cars.

The Above Ground Levels of the project contains :

  • Administrative & commercial spaces of approx. (18000 m2) including shopping mall, food court
  • Car parking areas surrounding commercial central shopping floors to accommodate about 1150 cars
  • Recreational center of approx. 8500 m2 consists of:
    • 4 cinema halls to accommodate 1000 audiences
    • Theatre hall to accommodate 800 audiences
    • Mosque & multi-purpose religious hall in front of the project main entrance.

The Project included more than 60000 m3 of concrete and 60000m2 of water proofing systems in addition to tens of escalators, lifts and stairs to serve more than 60000 daily users including all hvvc and electro mechanical, information, fire fighting and cctv first class systems and was executed in 3 stages overcoming the difficulties of its urban site. Project received XVll CEMEX Building Award.