Our Company policy is to strengthen our competitiveness in the consultancy field by ten key advantages

  • ECO Group has a staff of registered professional engineers in civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. Most of them have advanced engineering degrees and training. ECO Group’s staff has many years of specialized design and field experience in engineering and port planning & development.
  • All of ECO Group’s staff are involved daily in “hands on” engineering. Many of ECO Group’s supervision and project management engineers have extensive design experiencesand excellentproblem solving capabilities.
  • ECO Group has extensive experience in working with Egyptian and local contractors, with proper project leadership and supervision, to provide quality products at very competitive prices right on time every time.
  • ECO Group has developed remarkable experiences working with international clients practicing in Egypt.
  • Design methods applied by ECO Group are always in close relationships with maintenance departments and knowledge of maintenance departments’ needs, in order to make sure that projects are easily and efficiently maintained.
  • ECO Group design staff have the ability to work out innovative solutions to interrelated problems associated with multi-disciplinary projects. ECO Group can assist in project planning, design review, and construction management, as well as assistance with procurement of equipment.
  • General practice of working for end users only, to assure achievement of objectives in administering projects.
  • Ongoing client relationships. ECO Group’s new clients are generally developed from referrals by existing or past clients. As a result, ECO Group has ongoing relationships.
  • Competitive rates, ECO Group provide the best value for money taking into consideration savings provided by applying design methods and strict cost controlled designs.
  • Client satisfaction; ECO Group aims in all its work to achieve client satisfaction in all project stages.