ECO Group professional staff grew to 93 professionals of architects, engineers and other engineering and design specialists distributed over seven design departments covering the above mentioned scope of work and supported by engineering service departments for surveying, field investigations, central and field material test, construction supervision and project management. Each department is directed by highly experienced group leader who assign and manage the work within their group and who report to department heads.

  • 5Administrative
  • 20Architects
  • 1Chemical Engineers
  • 10Civil Engineers
  • 5Construction Inspectors
  • 5Draftsmen
  • 1Ecologists
  • 1Economists
  • 10Electrical Engineers
  • 3Estimators
  • 1Geologists
  • 1Hydrologists
  • 2Interior Designers
  • 1Landscape Architects
  • 4Mechanical Engineers
  • 0Mining Engineers
  • 1Oceanographers
  • 5Planners: Urban/Regional
  • 5Sanitary Engineers
  • 5Soils Engineers
  • 3Specification Writers
  • 10Structural Engineers
  • 2Surveyors
  • 2Transportation Engineers

ECO Group has expertise in the following type of projects

  • Public Buildings
  • Urban design & Planning
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Infrastructure design
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Information technology
  • Industrial development & storage yards
  • Ports and logistic centers
  • Marine structures
  • Large scale Housing Projects

ECO Group key personnel have a wide multi-disciplined experience in various local and Middle East projects, thus, providing high quality efficient designs and successful construction opportunities for their clients.



ECO Group in Sudan was established in 2005 and has a staff of registered professional engineers in maritime, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. Most of them have advanced engineering degrees and training more than 30 large projects have been achieved in Port Sudan and Khartoum in fields of infrastructure, housing, roads and bridges, parks, swimming pools, hospitals , etc.



ECO Group in Libya was established in 2008 and has good cooperation with Libyan Ports Authority. It has a partnership with the maritime construction Co, A Libyan public construction company specialized in port related workd. ECO Group staff operate in El-Koms, trapoli and Benghazi



Qatar office is a joint venture with James cubit &partnest Office specialized in infrastructure improvement. Our most import client include Qatar University and Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Electricity and water kahramaa .


ECO GROUP/ Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Office is a joint venture with Abdul Rahman AL-Naim construction Engineer, Hofuf city, KSA. Specialized in maritime project related to port and maritime maintenance development project.