ECO Group is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm established under the Egyptian Civil Law and was founded in 1995 by Dr Amr Y. El-sherif, through he started practicing in Egypt land since 1987.

ECO Group comprises all specialties needed to accomplish extensive range of services in the fields of urban planning, architecture, civil works, structural designs, electro-mechanical designs, landscaping, geotechnical investigations and foundation design, project management and value engineering, and tender management and evaluation.

Over the past 19 years, the construction value of projects that ECO Group was involved in, grew to exceed 6500 Million. LE

ECO Group professional staff grew to 93 professionals of architects, engineers and other engineering and design specialists distributed over seven design departments covering the above mentioned scope of work and supported by engineering service departments for surveying, field investigations, central and field material test, construction supervision and project management. Each department is directed by highly experienced group leader who assign and manage the work within their group and who report to department heads.